Founded in 1998 SAIL & FLY BROKER FREIGHT FORWARDER is a company that provides logistics solutions tailored to customers’ needs, qualify to manage sea, air and land shipping, anywhere in the world and follow up from origin until reaches final destination.

In order to achieve this, we are part of several freight forwarder networks from around the world. We are members of IATA ((International Air Transport Association) and are affiliated to an international network of over 300 offices worldwide. 


Multiple factors are involved in having products delivered on time. Our service consists of coordinating every of them. 

By using our services and Uruguay’s ease of operation (Montevideo free port, Montevideo free airport and free zones) the country can be used as a regional distribution center, with a market of over 80 million people. Uruguay’s strategic location implies the possibility of reaching the following destinations: 

Buenos Aires, Argentina1 Hour16 hours1 day
Sao Paulo, Brazil 3 hours3 days7 days
Asunción, Paraguay3 hours4 days7 days
La Paz, Bolivia7 hours7 days10 days

Air transportation 

SAIL & FLY can provide import and export services. Our constant training allowed us to obtain and maintain the IATA certification for freight forwarders since the year 2010. 

Montevideo’s strategic location and the free airport facilities allows for an excellent logistic opportunity for the region as well as the air bridge to other major cities.

Maritime transportation 

SAIL & FLY offers a complete international transportation service for import, export and transit.

We offer complete cargo (FCL), consolidated (LCL), door to door, multimodal and charter services, which are provided from our offices as well as from associated companies from around the world.

Montevideo’s strategic location and the free airport facilities allows for an excellent logistic opportunity for the region. 

Land transportation

Through its correspondents, SAIL & FLY offers a complete international highway transportation service, whether it’s with neighboring countries or as a part of multimodal services.

We guarantee that all products arrive on time by coordinating tasks of all intermediates.


SAIL & FLY is part of the logistics group Carlos Muniz Morrison, which has a renowned trajectory in foreign trade in Uruguay.
SAIL & FLY can use Carlos Muniz Morrison’s infrastructure for clients who require a door to door service regarding customs management.


The Group Carlos Muniz Morrison is a shareholder of the fiscal warehouse of Montevideo, which allows us to offer storage service as well as consolidation and deconsolidation within the port, with the highest security and control measures. 

By storing products in the warehouse, we guarantee financial savings due to the fact that it is not required to pay rights and taxes until they are dispatched for consumption.


Our team is dedicated to business consulting, on the basis of the benefits that the Uruguayan law offers due to the enactment of regulations that favor business development and foreign trade (Free Zone and Port laws). Such laws include customs and tax exemptions for regional trade, which is why our consulting services is comprised of the analysis of transportation, tax overcharge, source, brands, products, prices, amounts, means of payment and collections, and all information related to merchandize trading from origin to country of destination.

Logistic group

As part of the logistics group of the Custom Broker Carlos Muniz Morrison y Bernardo Muniz Vallarino, SAIL & FLY BROKER LTDA.give a response to clients need for an integral service (door to door).

As of the year 2015, the Muniz legacy incorporated a new generation, under the signature of Bernardo Muniz Vallarino.

The firm is led by a graduate in International Business and Masters degree in International Supply Chain and Logistics Management, who gathers the formality of the family business and the ability of incorporating all the contemporary necessities of the sector.


Rambla 25 de agosto 1825 /508 Piso 2
CP 11100
Montevideo – Uruguay

Business hours
Monday through Friday, 9 am to 6:30 pm

Tel. +(598) 2915 58 05
E-mail. info@sailandfly.com.uy